QCSA Resources

Blue Card (Working with Children)


Select the link below which will take you to the Blue Card Services website:


Then select Apply for a Blue Card.  Be aware: As a QCSA Scorer, you are regarded as a volunteer, hence there will be no need to pay a fee.  This status may not apply to any non QCSA activities.


QCSA By-Laws


Membership Form 2020/2021 Season

Those interested in joining the Queensland Cricket Scorer's Association for free can download:


Training Resources

QCSA Handbook on Scoring 2015 (.pdf format, 3 Mb)


Individual Sections 



QCSA Scoring Tips

The QCSA Scoring Tips is a two page PDF document detailing the basics of scoring.  These sheets can be printed and attached inside the front cover of your scorebook and are a ready reckoner for players.


Code of Conduct



Other Handouts and Resources


Cricket Australia Scorecard (.pdf) - If printing out blank copies, cardboard paper is preferred if possible.

Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) calculation guide


Penalty runs summary table


Ball by Ball Sheet Acrobat (.pdf) format or spreadsheet (.xls) format


Simplified Ball by Ball Sheet Acrobat (.pdf) format or spreadsheet (.xls) format


Wagon wheels


Target score calculators


Fielding positions


No ball ready reckoner


Sundries ready reckoner


Wickets ready reckoner


Penalty runs ready reckoner


Run (linear) sheet - basic


Run (linear) sheet - advanced