Accreditated Level 0 and 1 Scorers

Congratulations to the scorers who have obtained level 0 and/or level 1 accreditation.  The list below is current as of March 21 2019.


Certificate of Competency:

Penny Adams, Greg Bartlett, David Barker, James Bazzo, Leanne Bichel, Stephen Boyle, Jan Branch, Ann Brown, Sam Byrnes, Lisa Callahan, Gail Cartwright, Lyndele English, Grahame Foxe, Peter Gagen, Rhonda Harwood, Sandie Henwood, Phill Higgins, Cliff Howard, Neil King, Glenda Leisemann, Erica Lostroh, Darren Mattison, Liam McCracken, Andrew McKenna, Tracy Moody, John Olding, Doug O'Neill, Rodd Palmer, Nick Pearson, Leanne Potbury, Anne Rostedt, Bernadette Rowley, Charlie Sale, Leanne Sippel, Stephen Tighe, Hamish Tilney, Rick Warrington, David Whisker, Ted Williams, Glynn Williams, Vivienne Williams.


Level 1:

Ann Brown, Gail Cartwright, Peter Gagen, Phil Higgins, Cliff Howard, Erica Lostroh, Tracey Moody, John Olding, Doug O'Neill, Rodd Palmer, Leanne Potbury, Ted Williams.